Saturday, February 8, 2014

"Enta Omry" According To Assala - / أصاله - أنت عمري

If there's just one epic song that most Arabs would agree on it would be the legendary song performed by Om Kathoum and composed by Mohammed Abdel Wahab. Get this, even Israelis love this song and memorize it. There are so any versions of it in more than one tongue.

So, this songs is a credit to Egypt. This time I just got to hear a cover by the mighty Syrian diva Assala. She kept the song as we know it, but Assala always get in the way--this time she minimized her Assala style. She has the voice for it and the heart to breath a new air in this song.

Most Arab singers wish they deliver this kind of tribute to this song, Arab music listeners are not forgiving with whoever muddles this song--do not mess with the classics.

You really can never add to this song, I have listrned to it over a hundred time or so, and each time it offers something new to me. The music is legednary and the lyrcis are super sweat with a hint of saddness.
Assala - Enta Omry / أصاله - أنت عمري


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