Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Download: Diab 2014 "Ya Wad Ya SoSo" Album تحميل البوم دياب - يا واد يا سوسو

You put the best and most experienced record producer in Egypt inside a studio, bring in the most vocally flexible hungry young talent and wait few months! The outcome is a fun album that you are about to enjoy. This is how you make rad Egyptian pop that establishes a new standard for cool. Nasr Mahrous is that producer, Diab is that artist, and here's their second album collaboration.

Nasr is a gift to Egyptian pop--a curse to its politics. His label Free Music only makes the finest and the coolest musically entertaining tracks. Nasr, composes music, writes lyrics, produced and directs music videos. He is a know it all and has been rocking Egyptian pop for more than forty years. I like Diab, he makes Egyptian pop cool and close to the streets without being Vulgar....he is like that old and young man sitting in a neighborhood cafe and chatting it up.

01 - 3am ya 3am
02 - Ass We Lazaa
03 - Efta7 Edeak
04 - Ermy Tokalk
05 - Fara7i
06 - Nagm El Watn El 3***y
07 - Sba7 El 5ool Ya Foya 
08 - Ya Wad Ya SoSo
09 - Zman El 3gyab
10 - Mesh Habtal Zaan

DIAB kolo edo fo2 l دياب كلة أيدة فوق

دياب - يا واد يا سوسو "برومو"

Diab Ya Wad Ya SoSo I دياب ياواد يا سوسو


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