Sunday, February 23, 2014

All You Need To Know About The Ahmed Ezz And Zeina Scandal!

This one scandal that won't go away. Egyptian media is drooling over the details of this story about the alleged marriage of actress Zeina to her pal actor and pretty boy Ahmed Azz. Now, we learn the two did not have a marriage contract and simply had sex which led to a twin of boys delivered in the United States on October 7th.

Egyptian laws are funny, in order for one to request a DNA test, there has to be a written marriage contract, it does not have to be registered with a court, just something in writing with witnesses.

Here's what we think we know right now, Egyptian investigations by the department of Justice found out from Zeina that her and Ahmed Ezz did not have an official marriage. But rather a verbal promise from Ezz to marry Zeina and according to her a number of friends and family members have witnessed that verbal promise--whatever that is. Ezz was the one who approached Zeina--she says and since she trusted his public personal, she agreed. This has been reported in the Egyptian El Wafad Newspaper.

They have mutually agreed not to make the news of their marriage public, however Zeina learned of her pregnancy to which Ezz has asked her to "make it go away" This has been reported in Akhbarak magazine. She refused to terminate the pregnancy and decided to head for the States to be safe and to give birth to her twins away from the spotlight.

While in California, she tried to reach out to Ezz who declined to answer her calls. She tried sending messaged hoping to get him to change his mind but we was unresponsive. Then she told a mutual friend that if Ezz won't responded, she will file a claim against him. Two days later, he calls and makes threats that he won't admit that he is the father had she made that public--if true, seriously what an asshole. Then they met in a private villa in 6 October City through a common friend of theirs to reach a amicable resolution. According to Zeina, he was upset for her making the story public and bringing in the media--I think he did that not her. It gets better, according to the investigation, Ezz offered her money in exchange for changing the story and withdrawing the lawsuit--again a jackass. Zeina maintained to have rejected his offer and insisted on the DNA test, "honor is a precious thing for me"

On his part, Ezz is not talking in public, but he has accused the mother of his children of laying, forging official documentation and defamation. Sounds like an awkward thanksgiving dinner for the family.

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