Sunday, February 23, 2014

Download Hany Shaker Sings For The Gulf In Gulf Dialect--A Big Deal البوم هانى شاكر - اغلى بشر

The man of Egyptian blues Hany Shaker, the guy all guys make fun of but secretly listen to and learn from has a new single. This is a landmark song by a man who claims iconic stature among his peers. This is a single from an All Gulf dialect album which plan to release later this year. The date the track released is also the birthday for his two grandchildren.

The title or the lead son of the album is "Aghla Bashar", the most precious person. For Hany Shaker that was his late daughter who struggled with cancer before passing away in 2011.

The album will be with Rotana who has got Hany Shaker to work on it for he past seven months. It will have half a dozen tracks--8, they are all about love and distance, they are simplified poems. Now, take a minute and enjoy the new single. This is meant for the Gulf folks and those who like heavy styles. Shaker has another thing in common with the government of the Gulf, both of them back the army's coup and assault on democracy.

01.Aheb El Nas
02.Aghla Bashar
04.Allah Hasebi Aleak
05.El Wadaa
06.Kelmet Ahebak
07.Ya Habibi
08.Yeqol Yehbeni
Hany Shaker...Aghla Bashar | هاني شاكر...اغلي بشر


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