Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Egyptian Army Wrote Song, This Confused Legend Sang It

Seriously, an person with name General Ibrahim Musa wrote this song drafting General Sisi to run for president--do us a favor or finish your favor and become our leader. Millions of us are asking you, calling upon you to become the president.

Hany Shaker, is the voice of this song, let's remember this guy has many songs for president Mubarak and none for the January 25th revolution. He has gone missing and now comeback with a political song.  I do not like this new found source of nationalism in Egypt--they are making this guy into a God--he is the one who opens doors for us--all of us want him. Really? What would you say about God or about Prophet Mohammad?

The song does not mention the general's name, bit it comes from the phrase his supporters have been chanting in the streets. God from above send you to rescue us....please become our leader...trust me he wants power, everything he has done--this short man he has done with his mind on taking charge of that country.

هاني شاكر كمل جميلك | Official Video) | Hany Shaker Kamel Gmelak ) Hany Shaker


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