Wednesday, February 12, 2014

@HaifaWehbe Stars In The First Pornographic Adult Film (Video) فيلم هيفاء وهبي حلاوة روح

To her credit, she is not the only one at fault here. Haifa Wehbe has the will to reveal a lot of skin in exchange for a good sum of money. The producer and low-life Al Sobky family put up the money, and the backing for this pornographic adult film. For them it's business, not art and certainly not freedom of expression.

Now the larger blame is on the audience who will shell dollars to see such movies at the cinema house. They will talk smack about the movie, and the stars, but they will race to the movie theater to see this film in shame and discreetly. Look Haifa is always a smart business woman, this is why most of the leading males stars are spending the bulk of their time leering at her and treating her like a piece of meet--not a human bring with a soul. and then they wonder why so much sexual harassment in Egypt. That kind of sanctioned culture where males behavior of molesting and harassing women is OK is dangerous.

Another issue that is disturbing there were 27 lines in the movie that were tossed out due to their screaming sexual nature, what makes it worse is that these lines were delivered in the children who appear in the film ( a sample "دي مره بنت ..." و "يا وسخة" ). The film has been cleared for screening but only for adult audience--which in Egypt is marketing ploy. Unlike other countries where minors have to show an ID to enter R rated movies, in Egypt, you tip the usher few pounds and you are in. The film will release to theaters on April 8th 2014.

Not every one is happy with the film, a number of activists have voiced concern about this film--they called it pornographic and not cinematic or artistic. This is a shame that in Egypt, you are not  allowed to make or screen a film about serious topics, but films about sex are more than welcome. And yes, there's nothing Egyptian men love more than a Lebanese lady who is willing to strip for them and show them her body parts--sadly, they think all Lebanese females are like that. This is pop culture for you. Haifa spends the bulk of time wearing sexy clothes and playing on her bed alone and along with other ugly, bald and fat men.

I did screen the preview to a number of Western movie buffs, and they were shocked such a raunchy movie would come from a conservative place like Egypt. Even in the States, this is considered an adult film. As acting Haifa does her best playing a role of a convincing Egyptian gal--when hundreds of unemployed and capable Egyptian actresses sit at home.

Halawet Rooh - The Official Trailer هيفا وهبي - فيلم حلاوة روح - الاعلان الرسمي

الاعلان الرسمي لفيلم هيفاء وهبي حلاوة روح 2014 HD720p


  1. am i wrong or this movie is going to copy "Malena" movie (monica belucci) ??
    the same story i guess, just saw based on their trailer n i guess Malena is much more R rated..

  2. you call it pornographic , so how then it was about to be launched in the arabic cinemas on public ?? even in wetern countries ,pornigraphic movies are sold on private shops and not presented on public cinemas ... btw , the movie played in Lebanese cinemas and there was nothing pornographic inside , it was probed in Egypt because it reflects the Society in Egypt were secual harrassment of girls is very common ...

  3. attacking Haifa Wehbe and accusing her of prostitution is nothing but a lie , accusations without any proofs
    but what's true is that half million iraki women live from prostitution , Syrian Hotels offer sexual services to gulf tourists , touristic marriage in Egypt where girls get married for few weeks with rich gulf men for money and get divorced few weeks later ... sexual harrassment in all arab countries .. hijacking the passports of foreign workers in gulf coutries and abuse them sexually .. this is few of your arabic barbarian shitty people whose head is between their legs in their sexual private part of their bodies ... they all attack lebanon because lebanese girls are pretty and they don't give a shit to arab men

  4. attacking Lebanon by arabs is for political and religious reasons ,,, because it's the only country where the president is christian and it's a country where the biggest rate of christians exist .. if Lebanon turns out to be muslim .. the next day their reports become so peaceful and loving and caring form lebanon