Friday, February 7, 2014

Cairokee Finds The Key, Meet The Band Members

Cairokee is about to release their third album, and they are giving an interview to talk about their writing process, the band gets to talk about what it takes to bring their music to life. As artists they feel they are the odd one, it seems that they are a big group of brothers and friends who like to make fresh music.

They are heroes to many young people and fans of western music, they are now saying, we are apolitical group, but we are not. We are about reality or perhaps actuality. I think this is chicken shit, but I love the bit when they said, if we like/dislike someone or something we will tell. They tend to vary their style, each of their songs is unique...think third eye blind. They come from the streets even though they may have the rock star look and outfit....they come from Egypt where they built their name and reputation.

They improvise and often times, they make wonderful music--one question where does the female demographic fit in? Not sure about the timing of this album, as I feel the band went into hiding and really avoided talking politics--even though they have never shied away from dissing Mubarak, and Morsi.

Cairokee - El Sekka Shemal album Story - كايروكي- قصة البوم السكة شمال Cairokee


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