Sunday, February 9, 2014

Ahmed Ezz Sues Zeina-- Am I the baby daddy? And $hit Hits The Fan

They started together in two movies, the first in 2007, and the second in if actress Zeina is to be believed actor and playboy Ahmed Ezz is the father of her twins. She delivered them in October last year in a California hospital. According to, Ezz had already visited Zeina while she was preggers in the US. He’d made a special trip there and asked for a DNA test to prove the babies were his, but the actress refused to oblige.

Word is out, that the deadbeat alleged father and actor Ahmed Ezz is suing his fellow actress for defamation and libel. Ahmed Ezz has gone into hiding and has yet to comment on those allegations, yet that does not stop the news from coming out. According to one report, the actor maintains that all those allegations are untrue and Zeina is on a vendetta against him. The charges were filed on February 9th, a day after Zeina had submitted a request to the local court to force Ahmed Ezz to take a paternity test.

In other reports, Zeina has been reported to have turned down a million dollar offer from the famous talk show host Tony Khalifeh who has asked her to show up on his program, and chose the questions and answers she likes. She did not accept, but rumor she is about to hold a press conference had Ezz not come forward and take responsibility. Ezz seems to refuse taking a DNA test as of right now.

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