Monday, February 24, 2014

Ramy Ayach "Erratic" Valentine Concert (Video)

He actually calls himself a pop star, it's in his title. He broke to the music industry when he was teen, and the ladies fell in love with him. This was 20 years ago, but he is still a big draw. This is Ramy Ayach, the Lebanese pop star who is relevant in Egypt, the Gulf, and in the West.

This is is the biggest and smartest self-promoter, marketer in the pop scene, just look how his fans flock the stage to be close to him. He seems gracious and this was a big deal for him in the Valentine concert. What some may not realize is that a lot of ladies post next to him on stage knowing his is recently married.  

Ramy Ayach Ya Benet El Soltan Valentine Party

He did a melody of his most popular songs, some are recent, some are original others not so much. The setup seemed a little chaotic and all over the place but nevertheless this was a sold-out venue.

Ramy Ayach Ba7eib El Nas El Ray2a Valentine Party

Ramy spoke to the press after his concert and he was in good spirit, maybe a little bit drunk or on drugs. This was his concert in Lebanon but before then he was in Jordan for another concert. His new album is coming in about two months with ten tracks. He does not speak much on details, but he is a clever spokesperson.

Ramy Ayach Interview Valentine Party

Ramy Ayach Habibi Ana Nefsi Valentine Party


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