Monday, February 10, 2014

" Wa'adtak" A Slam Dunk Romantic Track By Marwa Nasr--Girls Rule You Egypt

Marwa Nasr is one of the most successful female singers in Egypt. That has to be qualified, she made her name in Star Academy half a dozen years ago and since then she has been working. She has released at least three album, and she keeps a bust schedule in private parties and concerts in and outside of Egypt.

She was doing well all by herself, and now she has been married to a music producer who is crazy about her and supports her career. So more power to her, she is gearing up for a new album release and ads and billboards around Egypt have been spotted promoting the upcoming album. The music is pretty mellow and the images accompany the song compliment the lyrics.

Her teaser song or single track she has just releases gives hints of what yet to come, and it sounds pretty Marwa Naser as you have to come to know her. It's a dreamy love track loaded with romance and lands perfectly for Valentine day. I like her voice, and the way she carries a note, it's a smooth song that resonates well with the masses who are allowed to love but not to act out or even share that news.

Marwa Nasr - Wa'adtak / مروة نصر - وعدتك


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