Saturday, February 22, 2014

This Omani Song Sounds Like Indian Hits--Salah Al Zadjali

Salah Al Zadjali just released a new song that will make you think you are taking a walk down a Bombay market, the Indian music is distinct and since they are very close to the Gulf, and many of them work there, their music is popular. However this Omani musician likes fusion and this is what his new song shall live.

This is actually an Omani folklore that has been given a technology treatment by the artist. The thing about Salah Al Zadjali is that he has yet to sing in any Arab dialect than his own, he is proud this way. I like how cool he is yet how local he strives to be even in all his outfits and headgear. Oman has a captivating shores, nature and climate, so it makes sense to be a land with little drama where everyone seems to be enjoying it.

اووه يا زينة - صلاح الزدجالي HD


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