Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Soula, And The Smart Artists and Business Women Behind It

Soula is the name of her show, and it's hogging all the news and the best talents in Arabic music. Assalah and hr husband had this idea, bring pop stars and entertainers from all over the Arab map and bring them for a chat and singing.

The show puts viewers at ease, and Assalah is made for this show--she can do well talking about herself and her career, but it's an informal setting where artists hand loose and chat about their music projects. You really get to see them and hear them talk about life and the music business. There is wisdom too.

I do not think people can say no to her--there's not much going on right now and they are happy to be on TV. Sure some names are bigger than others, but no matter what they all come to her home, see her hospitality and kick back and relax. The twist, is the artists make a tea for themselves  and the camera is rolling. Some even bring gifts to their hostess.

Her most recent guests are Moroccan pop sensation Mona Amarsha and the Khaliji singer Ibrahim El Hakemy--both young artists have appeared on Star Academy on the same season. Keep on mind Assalah filmed this days prior to her big performance and showing at the X Factor last week.

Soula With Mona Amarsha - Ibrahim El Hakamy - Mona Shadad Part1


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