Saturday, February 1, 2014

Finally! @CairoKee Finds Their Collective Balls And Release A True To Heart Song

CairoKee lead the way in 2011, they came from being a small indie band to one of the coolest entertainers who have a mainstream appeal.They have rebellion and they are taking on a different path....they sound like frustrated idealists.

Freedom, democracy, justice are just empty words, you either take bread and shut up, or get shot. The song feel like Quentin Tarantino picture. Some dance, some dies, this is the song, it feels to be sick of everything but stand for nothing.

Cairokee to some may have sold out to a soft drink company, but there's no shame in that, they have bills to pay and that seems not to stop them from making inspirational music that feels true to heart. They do not come across as preachy, as they are not siding with one party over the other, they are like the people of Egypt, sick of everything.

كايروكي - ناس بترقص و ناس بتموت


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