Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Listen: اغنية رنا سماحه غلطت من الاول 2014 Rana Samaha Star Acedemy

Rana Samah did not win the title of Star Academy, but the show went another direction and she left the program. This young Egyptian songstress has big dreams, she had been singing on her own and part of a choir since she was a little girl. She is currently a student of the high institute for Music--Arabic music specialty.

I do not see a bright future for most of the young talents, due to the toxic political and social climate. It seems that Arabia will have lost an entire generation of talents---because they have been passed over. The industry keeps throwing these talents under the bus, they put them on these big shows--tell them they are huge stars...and then when it's over, they are left with nothing in their bank accounts. In fact their cousins who did nothing have more to their names than these new age celebrities.

اغنية رنا سماحه غلطت من الاول 2014 Rana Samaha


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