Saturday, February 22, 2014

Let's Get Weird With Ali Bin Mohammed

Ali Bin Mohammed is a big deal in the Gulf region, and he is a busy guy, but I kind of found it interesting to hear his latest track. His voice is pretty good, he has a sweet voice that compared to that of Aseel Abu Baker, so this is not the issue. The way the song started is what caught my attention. I have no idea how to classify this song.

It's traditional yet not so much, the Gulf may be confused as well. He is Yemeni, but the UAE just made him one of their own. In the late nineties, he had a hit song that even I recall, here it's. He is classically trained and he composed many songs, I like to see him live in a Jalasat like in a more intimate setting. He does the Hadramaut style like few can. He is also well-versed on the various Indian styles, he seems to incorporate in his work.

Ali Bin Mohammed...Doom Tak | علي بن محمد...دوم تك


  1. I'm confused. Which is Hadramawt style, "Doom Tak" or "El Sad Wa El Hegran"? Or both of them? Or neither?

    Incidentally, I don't hear it so much on "Doom Tak," but I think his voice does sound a little like Abu Baker on the other one.