Saturday, February 8, 2014

Gorgeous! Shayma Helali - Ad'y Aleih / شيما هلالى - أدعى علية (Video) #Gulf #Tunis

We are witnessing the creation of another pop diva...this time she is translating into Gulf dialect...the greatest thing about this music video is the many sexy looks Shayma Helali sports. She is like everyone in the sense she sings what's popular and commercially viable. But she is different in the sense of her talent and skill in making whatever accent she sings in hers. Shayma is even throwing some dance moves dancing according to local moves....

The makeup is another story...not to mention the cars. The locations are as exotic as they come...the Palace and the outfits you will see, reflect a huge deal of high-taste. This is one of the finest Tunisian voices--only the best and more refined come out of that nation.

Airplanes, and exotic cars are out there, but she will have you at her smiles....and that captivating look. This is a woman who knows how to look great, she is about the marketing, sexy is biology, sexy is marketing and Ms. Helali is a top executive in that department.

Shayma Helali - Ad'y Aleih / شيما هلالى - أدعى علية


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