Thursday, February 6, 2014

All The Biggest Names In Arabic Music Are Going to Kuwait's Hala Feb Festival

When you are the state of Kuwait and money is not a thing, you can afford to throw the best festival. For at least a decade, that country has planned and carried out the Hala Feb music festival--welcome February. This is a must book huge concert for all the big names in Arabic music--they like to be seen on that stage, and get paid for it.

This time, Rotana seems to have exclusive on that event as they seem to have gotten all their stars a gig--starting with Elissa, Amr, Diab, Jannat, and of course local favorite as Mohammad Abdo, and Nawal from Kuwait. This has always been a well planned event, and the national TV airs is as well. This is promised to be a big tourism attraction.

Diana Haddad, Majid El Mohandis, Nabil Shoel, Ahlam and many more talents are going to give their finest performances.

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