Monday, February 17, 2014

Finally, A Dentist We Love! Reem Ezz el Din Sings On The Voice

Reem Ezz el Din is one of many talents competing on the voice, the Lebanese version that it. While there are many other talents on the program who help drive its rating. One of them stands tall as she has a respectable career--she is a dentist.

As of her style, she sounds like her very own talent--compare her to Angham, she has a lady-like voice, and a girl-like emotions that she channels so well. Not sure how far she will go on The Voice, but she has left an impression with me and I am glad I got to hear her single.She is a young Egyptian vocalist who also is finishing her medical training at the University of Cairo--a really tough university to get into.  So, good looks, check! smart and educated, check! Warm and angel-like voice, check!

ريم عز الدين - منين ماتروح / Reem Ezz el Din - Mneen Ma Troo7 el Moseeqa TV el