Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Dance Dance Revolution With Diab Ya Wad Ya SoSo I دياب ياواد يا سوسو

Diab was part of a song two weeks ago urging General Sisi to run for president. Now he just wants to dance with a babe as he sings for her a new catchy song from this tasteful street artist. I like how Diab found himself a third kind, he rests in the middle path in between average pop songs and street songs--sh'abi. This is a silly name song, with a sweet beat....Diab is not looking af li,able as he did four years ago.

I think it might be too much food, drinking, parting, drugs or getting old. I think Diab is cool guy with a slick voice. He has an artsy voice that can spark a street riot. I am a fan of hiss style, and fast-paced songs. But then he has dance-friendly music and common sense lyrics. This might be largely the credit to the pro-army music producer Nasr Mahrous.

As for the lady and model who is dancing, I think she has some moves, but the shades make it a little bit too much or perhaps something of a fresh trend.

Diab Ya Wad Ya SoSo I دياب ياواد يا سوسو


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