Tuesday, February 18, 2014

These Two Young Men Are In Love! Zayed And Fouad Break Out!

They are two young men who seem to be the greatest of friends. One sings in English, and the other is the son of a beloved pop singer in Egypt. But he is leaving the shadow of his old man to make his own legacy....he is acting in his friends's music videos. He shows some confidence and promise in the birth of his own career. It's insane but he does look like his father Mohammad Fouad. The due goes by the name Zayed and Fouad

I like Zayed's style in performing this English language song. This is how the duo describe themselves.

With big aspirations and visions that spurred from a young age, Ahmed Zayed and Abdelrahman Mohamed Fouad are finally making it all happen. These childhood best friends of Egyptian descent have a dream to take amateur music video productions to the next level. Zayed who has always been known for his honest, sultry yet deep voice is prepared to merge his ambition for singing and his determination to succeed to make it internationally. Fouad always had a talent and a message to send not through his voice, but through acting with his whole being. These unique hybrid between an actor and a vocalist is a pioneering statement made by two Egyptians with a Western ambition, willing to make a statement through their artistic productions.

Passenger - Let Her Go - Zayed Starring Fouad (Official Music Video)


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