Monday, February 10, 2014

This Is The Sweetest Song In 2014 Thanks To Haitham Shaker (listen)

This song showed why Haitham Shaker is a class act, this capable singer--who has not really gotten his fair share of fame is the finest underdog in Egyptian pop. I am forever enchanted by his voice and his sincere emotions as he sings. He sound like a guy who takes his time finishing each of the words he sings, he feel them, live them and make them real.

Perhaps that he is willing to risk the format but not give in his style....he would not change who he is but changes everything, but not the essence...this song makes perfect sense and allows him to get into the hearts of each of his listeners. It's sweet track about life, wisdom, messages of our own imperfections.

I want to know a few really great and extremely sweet love songs classic love songs are absolutely the best. Love songs are a fundamental part of pop music. Most of us can think of particular songs we associate with the love relationships of our lives. Here it goes....

Haitham Shaker - El Heneya Eib / هيثم شاكر - الحنية عيب


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