Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Saber El Rebao Has His Super-Sensitive Emotional Song #Rotana

The pride of Tunisia, and the most famous living pop star to come from that land is Saber El Rebai and he is sitting as a judge on The Voice--in my humble opinion he is the least qualified among the panel of four judges. But he is still a hit with many music listeners, the older ladies perhaps. He is the emotional voice who seems to have an extra heart that makes him super sensitive.

I have to admit, I like Saber and have enjoyed his pop and loud songs, but others have enjoyed his darker emotional tracks about breakups. He has a new song out for it and I think it hits the allows Saber to show that he was a fool in love and how he was wronged.

Since he is with Rotana, they are working overtime to get him to be the star of the East, as in the Gulf where the money is. My pickle with him his he has yet to show he has a strong voice... I love the line when he calls out his past loved, "you are exhibit A when it comes to cheating and betrayal" Is it possible that you may have something to do with it? And By the way I like what you have done with your hair

أغنية أجمل مختصر للفنان صابر الرباعي حصريا على روتانا اف ام


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