Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Listen: Karim Mohsen - Bahlam Beek / كريم محسن - بحلم بيك #Smooth @karimmohsen

You may not fall in love with Karim Mohsen's new hair style, but you will respect his for the new single he just released. It's his most lovable track to date, it's his most romantic version of himself he has mustered. It's an all around strong song, with great music, and the emotional appeal of love song that you will never get sick of.

He made a cool track more than a month ago, and while I love the song, I hated the sexed up music video that released. Now, that was last year, now he makes nice and delivered a wonderful track--the one with butterflies and everything is perfect.

Karim has always been a favorite of mine, he is a musician not just a singer

Karim Mohsen - Bahlam Beek / كريم محسن - بحلم بيك


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