Thursday, February 27, 2014

Listen: Randa Hafez - El Ma2zoon (Lyric Video) / راندا حافظ - المأذون #Candy

You go girl, you just made a sweet pop track....thank you Randa Hafez, she is the candy of Egyptian pop, the sweet girl who dares to be different in her pride. Randa does not record as many songs, but her fame is not going anyway....she is still a cool pop songstress that commends respect.

I am crazy about the entirely new look, the spunk feel and the vibe the song releases in the air. I love the lyrics, this is what takes to make an entertaining pop track that comes from a girl but lands in everyone's heart.

It starts like an 80s pop with that guitar that sets the mood--it's happy one and then Randa comes swinging putting her guy in his place....let's make is official and get married won't shut up about me!

The company behind the song released a press statement, where we know the lyricists is Ayman Bahjat Ammar. This is Randa's first song since the release of her wonderful 2009 album--she released a single in 2010 about Egyptian soccer. The song will be filmed as a music video in Lebanon.

Randa Hafez - El Ma2zoon (Lyric Video) / راندا حافظ - المأذون


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