Sunday, February 16, 2014

@Marcel_Khalife States The Obvious, All Arab Regimes Repressive

In an interview with Elaph beloved Lebanese (French) composer and musician stated the obvious, every single Arab regime from the ocean to the Gulf has suppressed its people. Marcel Khalife was attending a show by the Lebanese orchestra performing his own songs. Marcel Khalife had not done anything with the music conservatory in years, this was his coming home to the place where he studied and taught Arabic.

The beloved musician and activist spoke truth to power, and had a lot of hopes about the future. This guy was the Arab Spring before it was cool to be so. He is about freedom and change, and people getting back their rights...  Lebanon is so proud of him and hundreds came out to attend his concert. He feels the love from all the attendees, the lovely (and Marcel Khalife pioneer) Omayma Khalil had a song in the program

مارسيل خليفة لإيلاف: كل الأنظمة العربيّة من المحيط إلى الخليج قمعت شعوبها


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