Wednesday, February 19, 2014

New Generation, Throwback Music Of #Jerusalem With Ahmad Dari

I love the outfits the band wears, I especially love when the lead plays a backup singer for an older folksy star who feels like my grandpa. The Jerusalem native artist and calligrapher Ahmad Dari has one of his rare professionally mastered songs that celebrates folklore. Ahmad is a very active musician who seems to be self-made with little resources.

I appreciate this kind of music that mixes tradition with a great sense of humor, singing about hope and helplessness without sounding desperate. Drinking tea and smoking an old-school hookah while sitting in some park evokes so many memories. Well done Ahmad, you made a song that both my father and his father will enjoy and celebrate.

even though Ahmad Dari wrote the music and the lyrics, the main voice is by Amr Khalil who resides in Jerusalem and Ahmad who lives in Paris.

معك حق بس غلطان، غناء الفنان عامر خليل، كلمات وألحان أحمد داري


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