Friday, February 21, 2014

Nobody Does Live Concerts Like Amr Diab Does--But In #Kuwait He Was Lame

for the king of pop, the Gulf saves no expenses especially if it was a state-sponsored event. Amr Diab had a concert in the Kuwait mighty "Hala Feb" Music Festival. Amr diab got every single of his band on stage, and it seems to have been a big ole stage with lots of lights, laser and affects. Still all that dazzle takes little from Amr Diah whose household name is second to none. I have no idea if he was singing live at that concert....his libs do not exactly sync.

This is one of his most beloved hits, and it felt flat, even the musicians seem tried from acting as if they are playing live. I would say the video is the problem, but one look at the band and you will know no one of them was playing anything and in fact we are hearing a pre-recorded track and not a live treat from the champ of Arab pop and world sensation Amr Diab.

He keeps jumping and be all over the stage, he interacts with his audience, talks to them not at them. Engages the band, improvises and gives a good mix from the new and old. He gives a full set, and seems to be want to be there.

Tamally Maak - Amr Diab تملى معاك - حفلة هلا فبراير 2014- عمرو دياب

Saeban Alaya-Amr Diab صعبان عليا - حفلة مارينا-عمرو دياب

Kan Tayeb-Amr Diab كان طيب - حفلة مارينا-عمرو دياب


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