Thursday, February 27, 2014

Rouwaida Attieh, The Vocalist From Homs Rocking Out!

Rouwaida Attieh is a rogue artist, she is really unlike any playbook. I do not get her career plan, her press and I do not get whatever antics she has been up to lately. But I am sure on one thing, she has the most refined, most capable voice among her peers in Syria or outside. She is the Samira Tawfik of her time, she is the Najwa Karam of Syria. And for me, she is the jewel of talent scouting shows alumni. She left many people breathless a decade ago with her near perfect tone and pitch--she ended up being a runner up.

Now, she has been sharing, small and short clips of her doing acoustic song, her vocals do not miss anything or do not leave anything to the imagination. She is a bright star, she is not really pop even though she has made wonderful pop songs, she is not just classical...she stands in the middle and she belongs to an elite group of super talented vocalists. Checkout her short songs below, this Homs native lady shines every time.


تعب المشوار

عتبان المحبوب


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