Sunday, February 2, 2014

Listen: Mohamed Attia - Metkarkeba / محمد عطية - متكركبة

Ten years ago, Mohamed Attia was the boy who brought sexy back...when he won the title of Star Academy. He looked like a fresh face who has some music to play....he made couple of songs, an album and few movies. In 2011 I saw him go out and attend a pro-Mubarak rally. Then after that he went into hiding or so it seems.

Luckily, Mohamed Attia returns now, he has a new album to be released this year, but so far he released one single...he sounds to have gone back to school and found his heart. This song is sweet and his finest he has ever recorded. He sounds mature, and experienced. He is still the same good looking, but he has gone passed the pretty boy stage and found his heart and soul.


Mohamed Attia - Metkarkeba / محمد عطية - متكركبة


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