Friday, February 28, 2014

البوم صابر الرباعى - اجمل مختصر 2014 Download: Saber El Robaei Album

It looks like Saber El Robai is ready to take his music career seriously....he seems to have traveled worlds to bring back a decent album and not one that has been music by music executives and formulas. This time the artist triumphed over the business guy who gave us a fresh love album with a love variety....frankly this album feels like a labor of love. Even though this is his second album in less than 18 months, he still has game.

The judge on The Voice has been missing in the market of good songs, that show his uniqueness and strengthen...but now he found a decent way to make an album, and I like his careful selected tracks...he even has a song for the late Warda declaring how much he loves her music.

This album makes nice with many of his fans who started to question his talent--why do we even like this guy? This album reminds us of the older Saber, the song who have something fresh and real to give.

01.Agmal Mokhtasar
02.Wean Wean
03.Enti El Wahedy
04.Allah Yesahilohom
05.Khaleha Bealbi
07.Mabrouk Alye
08.Lama Talyte
10.Ya Moftary

Saber El Robaii...Agmal Mokhtasar | صابر الرباعي...اجمل مختصر


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