Saturday, March 1, 2014

Haitham Shomali Says #Palestine Best! The Most Versatile Pop Star

Haitham Shomali is a wholesome Palestinian artist, he is above all a musician before he is a pop star. Which add to his profile more complexity which be brings from being a composer. Another layer that adds to Haitham's talent is being a Palestinian from the diaspora who lived in half a dozen countries including the United States. This is why one of his songs might as well be one of the finest songs has ever been written about and for Palestine.

This track is about hope, tomorrow, family and the motherland. Haitham sounds smooth as he spells out these words straight from his heart. He sounds like he believes these words, not must a song, but his very own personal declaration. Being a Palestinian has not made things easy for Haitham, but it has shaped his character, honed his talent and sharpened his senses. In more ways than one, he is beginning to feel like a young yet incredible virtuoso.

He is a family man with a heart of gold, he calls Palestine, a place where peace finds a home, so you know he is about getting along, but not letting go of what's valuable. As for the song, it feels very Lebanese in heart and soul. It's if Wael Kfoury had a younger brother who brings so much more to the music industry. A dreamer is who made this song and it convinces listeners to dream big and love--when love has conquered you, hate is not even an option. As the song progresses, it becomes more positive and therefore would bring the best in people by appealing to their human side.

Perhaps one can think about this, other Palestinian pop stars live inside Palestine, for Haitham it seems Palestine lives inside him. This is why his idea of Palestine is so innocent yet so real because to him Palestine is this blank page, that can be whatever he wishes it to be. But he is more than just a guy who loves the land and write her songs, he has a playful side which serves his good looks well. There are many romantic songs he has released throughout his career. And one thing never changes, Haitham Shomali works harder to get to where he is....he is not backed by a government, just the love of his fans who fuel his career.

Haitham Shomali Watan Elsalam هيثم الشوملي وطن السلام


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