Saturday, March 15, 2014

Lian Bazlamit Of #Palestine Dips Her Toes Into Gulf Music #Dance

Doing a variety of songs is a sign of a clever and a resourceful singer. Now, if you are young and have been Palestine-centered and your name Lian Bazlamit, you need to dip your toes in broader genera. This is why the young contestant in Star Academy--few years ago went the Iraqi route.

This is a pop-ish song from the dance floors in Iraq and the Gulf, in a way this is a song with Iraqi melody and Gulf lyrics. Lian has been in love with the reaction she got from the fans at home and beyond. She is now talking a bout a possible duet with a local Gulf talent. I think it's clever for her to do different songs and try to break into different markets. Nothing tops the money from Gulf gigs....not even the states.

Lian is a native of the Hebron district, grew up in the more liberal Ramallah part of town, and went to school in Jordan.

ليان بزلميط انا اعلمك || النسخة الرسمية 2014


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