Monday, March 24, 2014

WATCH: Dominique Hourani - Delara / دومينيك حوراني - ديلارا #Mom

Dominique Hourani loves her little girl "Delara", perhaps she does not love her father as much-- not enough to stay with him, but when it comes to her little angle she is willing to do anything. This mother's day for example, Dominique Hourani made it about her little girl. About a fancy birthday party she threw for her girl.

No surprise there, the song is an original song, and you see the little girl have her moment, dancing for her mom. Not sure if the song is about the mother or the girl, but this seems like a fun party. It feels like a Karaoke song, production has a low value, perhaps the outfits and the makeup cost more than the song's production.

The song will be on Dominique Hourani upcoming album which is set to release this year.

Dominique Hourani - Delara / دومينيك حوراني - ديلارا


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