Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Listen: My Single Ladies Of The Gulf Song By Yara اغنية يارا - بنات الخليج

It took one pop star from the Lebanese land to dazzle those folks in the Gulf--they have taken her as one of their own, and to be fair, she has not made one universally beloved song since she moved there. But this time, she doubles down and deliver a dance song meant to count the virtues of the ladies in that part of the world.

I like this, the ladies of the Gulf might be rich, but not too many songs are made for them to make them feel good about being themselves  Yara has the looks, and the confidence of those pop stars, but she is standing firmly with other lades with this localized version of a song.

While the song is about women, see the dudes are the ones dancing and you do not spot many females--if any in the party hall. The song is about a guy who is going home but before he heads home he wants to find himself a bride from the girls of that area.

Songs are meant to take us, shake us, and make us think in new ways about the world around us. This song does none of the above for me, but this is only because I am not that target audience. I wish Yara good luck with her new album which will drop this summer.

جلسات_وناسة_2013 - يارا "بنات الخليج "


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