Friday, March 21, 2014

WATCH: SAMIRA SAID | MAZAL | OFFICIAL VIDEO | 2014 | سميرة سعيد | كليب مازال #Diva

In few short hours, Morocco's number one diva Samira Said's latest video traveled the universe and back. Watching the music video and my first thought was AMAZING! this is a well-made music video where top notch--but not over the top technology was used. Samira Said and the director did a stunning job. The futuristic outfits are captivating....the wax shoes are original. She showcases a number of looks that rival those of Madonna and Lady Gaga. I do not recall a more exiting music video than Mazal. It offers the right amount of all the elements that make a music video something to want to watch more than once.

The Director got the most out of Samira, she looks to have turned back the clock and revealing so much force. I like how this clip, shows Samira the hip years, it's not a Lebanese thing to look younger and rock our. Samira did it with a wonderful song in her own native dialect.Again this is the first original song by her in five years, and it was released late last year.

Well played Samira Mazal is the best song you made since 11 years ago when you had that Yoom Wara Yoom instant hit. Seasoned you are, and so happy to have gone back to your roots where you were compelled to look forward with something original. Props to the team behind the music video, but also credit goes to Samira for trying something new and quite honestly fresh.

SAMIRA SAID | MAZAL | OFFICIAL VIDEO | 2014 | سميرة سعيد | كليب مازال


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