Friday, March 28, 2014

Nicole Saba: Daugther Comes First When I Am Not Working!

Nicole Saba is famous for many things, an actress, a songstress, a celebrity and an entertainer. Now she had something honest to say, had I not been  too busy, I would be a servant at the service of my little daughter. Now, she is working on a TV drama with Tamer Hosny. This is her return to drama after 3 years of sabbatical.

Nicole is a smart entertainer whose Egyptian presence is hard to deny, she is a big name in Egypt, she has already made half a dozen films. She came along way from being one of the four cats more than 15 years ago. She has done well doing the Egyptian girl roles, and she is boasting about that. Keep on mind she used to be in the same band with Maya Diab who is upping her game.

She has a new single to be released in Lebanese dialect and the song is in the production.

نيكول سابا لإيلاف: أنا تحت خدمة أصابع قدميْ إبنتي إذا لم أكن مشغولة


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