Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Real Classic Song Satirized By Bassem Yousef الوطن الأكبر - مجموعة الفنانين

Simple put, there's no other Arabic songs that features so many legends, divas and figures from the Arabic music scene as this song. No small-time appeared on this work, and this is was it has defied age. Most of the people on this Operetta are now no longer with us, but their songs and emotions are staying on God's earth. A song about the Greater Arab homeland....by the legends. This is not a song one does for their egos, the big names who were all young then singed up when they knew Abdel Wahab would compose the music. Their personalities took a back seat. Note, the fun fashion show from around the Arab world. Those were the fun tiimes.

Warda, Shadia, Abdel Halim Hafiz, Mohammad Abdel Wahab, Sabah and so on. It's a classic song that pumps blood in one's heart and soul. Talking about unity without getting political. No other Arab disagree on the role layed by this song--it might as well be the national anthem for Arabia. We have all agreed on this song and have voted for it.

You get artists from mostly Egypt, but Lebanon, Syria and Algeria have their talents. This is a great quality for this classic song where good music, meets inspirational messaging about unity sand freedom. There is no bigger celebration of Arab stars than this song "El Watan El Akbar" For those who disagree on the politics right now, they need to watch this clip to remember how we used to think forty and fifty years ago.

El Watan El Akbar - Magmoet El fananen الوطن الأكبر - مجموعة الفنانين


  1. Has Bassem done something new to the song, or are you referring to the Qatari parody he did last April in the title of this post?