Sunday, March 23, 2014

Shima Al Shayb Is BACK! Remember When She Was A Little Girl?

Shima Al Shayb  was gone for over ten years, that means she was missing from the music scene. The little girl who did amazing covers of beloved oldies from Oum Kalthoum, releases an original song. Remember that album she released in the mid nineties and it sold millions? Shima is back with a beautifully written and equally performed track.

This is a song she recorded for mother's day and I wish it had better marketing to make sure everyone gets it on time. But in the States, Mother's day is in May, so there's always that. The song is about traveling away form the mother, but keeping her as the compass....that guides the way... It's a love song for the mother.

Shima has a mother who is also a famous songstress in Egypt..Fatmah Eid gave birth to Shima, and now Shima is saying thank you. I appreciate the music and the composition, it makes me think I am listening to a classical piece.

شيماء الشايب - مهما خدتنى المدن "بمناسبة عيد الام"


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