Saturday, March 8, 2014

Bassel Alzaro From Marketing To Presenting The X Factor

Many of those voices competing on the X Factor won't have much once the season concludes. The host of the show however will always have few things to do once the show ends. This is Bassel Alzaro who is the presenter of the show. He is a seasoned spokesperson and talks about his career on the side where he works in marketing and branding.

He is an Egyptian guy who likes to talk big about his career. He is young and presentable, but he makes no secret about seeking better things once this show is over. He is well traveled and seems to be a cultured soul.

But the entire show is about branding, do not you see how Pepsi's logos and products all over the show?

Bassel Alzaro - Interview باسل الزارو The X Factor Arabia


  1. Great Presenter

  2. Habibi tronco ! Don t forget to mention that he s also a great capoeirista and the art helped him to face his destiny :D lol. We love you tronco ! Flama