Sunday, March 16, 2014

Hiba Tawaji Will Blow Your Mind Away This Year! @hibatawaji


Hiba Tawaji is getting ready for 2014. This is the year she releases a new album where she creates a perfect middle--the commercially successful albums meets the classical and high-taste type. If any young talent out there can do it, Hiab Tawaji is that name. The daughter of Achrafieh district in the heart of Beirut. Tawaji is a Lebanese singer, actress, and director and she in three languages Arabic, English and French. She stands at a crossroad of music that include oriental music, pop music, jazz, funk, and opera. She is already a respected coloratura soprano with a four octave vocal rang

Because she is getting the help of the Rahabni house, the talents who made village songs popular in urban centers, so this should be a familiar territory. She is a committed young artist who logs in the time to perfect her talent, in music, direction, piano or theater.  "Ya Habibi" will be the title, and it has 15 tracks. Most of the songs have been written and composed by Oussama....But there are other poems by Mansour and Ghoday Rahabani.

Hiba has already shot a music video in Paris for one of these songs. Hiba's approach is similar to the French and Canadian style. In very short years, she has shown that she takes her career seriously and is willing to travel the world to hone her craft. And she already has the right team in the music-making is where she can benefit from.  Such talent is hard to go unnoticed.

I project the album switches between soft tunes and more upbeat, groovy ones. She makes personal approach to Arabic music. Stay tuned....

هبة طوجي: جديدي يجمع ما بين الرائج تجارياً وبين المستوى الفنيّ العاليّ

Hiba Tawaji - Khalas (Teaser) 2014 / (هبة طوجي - خلص (اعلان

Hiba Tawaji - Zat Ellafti / هبة طوجي - ذات اللفتة


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