Monday, March 17, 2014

Raffoul, The Palestinian Eminem Arrives, Are You Watching? He is Catholic

I am over the tears for Palestine thing, I like to be positive and move into action. Do something. Political rap song are a bit dated and tired. But for the young folks living the camps, they still want to sing about the struggle. Raffoul Saadeh wanted to put his personal touch on the Palestinian narrative and to him rap was the only viable vehicle.

I think the beat can use some help to keep it interesting. The lyrics of the song are mighty and range into Arabic and American pop culture to raise the issue of justice. Raffoul draws images from the struggle as he sees it. There are so many, he is native to the wealthy state of Connecticut, but went back to live in Jerusalem with his family--naturally,m the Israelis are not to helpful.

Raffoul is a Palestinian Catholic who went to school here in Washington DC at the Georgetown University where he was keen on interfaith dialogues. When he is not rapping, Raffoul works as a Pro Bono Paralegal with the Public Service Initiative at Squire Sanders in New York City with a dedicated team focusing on challenging and complex pro bono matters, including death penalty cases, vindication of innocence and litigation involving violations of constitutional rights in impoverished areas of the countries.

Raffoul - Tears Over Palestine / رفول - دموع على فلسطين


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