Saturday, March 15, 2014

WATCH #Arab Idol Judges Bullies A Young Egyptian Woman

Being mean on TV may get ratings, but watch this young Egyptian woman who wants to be a star. At the start they were mean to her, and had some harsh words for her. It's true not everyone can be a star, but for Hajir Hamdi this is all she has and she wants to be validated by those big names of Arabic pop. I know she will have to go home at some point, but the first yes is important for the self-esteem.

Even the Egyptian on the panel gave her no! Nancy, Raghib and Ahlam eventually gave her the the yeses she needed. I did not like the pegging portion of the audition, but some people may relate to that.  Hagir or Hajir is not very good, but as you can see a bit of the audition process qualify to be bullying of this young woman. At the end it was all smiles and all is well

 Arab Idol - تجارب الاداء - هاجر حمدي


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