Thursday, March 20, 2014

Download: Nancy Ajram #8 البوم نانسى عجرم - نانسى 8 2014

She is ready to release her 8th album, the album that took four years to make. 15 tracks and it's impressive as it feels we are back to square 1 of Nancy Ajram--back to the cheeky girl who acts tough but she is buttery inside. She is all sexy back and that lean figure of her she has nothing to fear. Back off yong pop stars wannabes-Nancy got this.

Dressed in where she is selling sexy watermelon and all the boys want to get their hands on her melons. She found a new character she played 12 years ago and revived it. The director has a clever vision and Nancy Ajram went the extra mile. She even collects tips from people as she dances, surrounded by customers.

Nancy Ajram knows where the money is, Egypt. So most of her albums come in Egyptian, where she sells the sexy lady for these sleazy guys. Now, in Lebanon she is a star, and she gets gigs and concerts, so you get that since she lives in Beirut she has more time to work on songs. The kids in the Gulf who make it rain will also get a treat. Nancy does an album that lasts her about four years, she shoots music video in groups, so at least three of these 15 songs will get music videos--they are commercials.


01.Ma Tegy Hena
02.Mosh Far2a Keter
03.Sherek Be Omry
05.Tsab2 El-Reeh
06.Rahnt 3alik
07.Show Ha El-Qassa
08.Naam Be Alby
09.Etnen Eshab
10.Ma Aw3dak
11.We Bakon Gay Awda3k
12.Ba2a Kol Da
14.Ya 5ayen
15.Bel Raha

 فيديو كليب نانسي عجرم - ما تيجي هنا 2014 Nancy Ajram


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