Monday, March 3, 2014

He Rest In Peace, The #Palestine Revolution Singer Abu Arab فلسطين تودع ابو عرب

He is a true old soul, he is Palestine's number one artist for the past fifty years, this is Abu Arab and he has passed away. He lives to be 84 years of age, but he will live longer in the memory of those who have loved his style. He is Mohammad Abu Salhe, but the name we know him of is Abu Arab.

Abu Arab had released more than 300 songs and mawals all for Palestine. While he might be old enough to be my grandpa, he kept his rock star persona till he taken away from us. His name means the father of Arabs, a cool name that states one's pride in being an Arab. He is an elderly man who knew nothing but Palestine.

Fateh, the Palestine Authority have loved him and cheered him on, they brought him back from the exile to sing in Ramallah, and he did show up, as the original cast of the band he headlines for sixty years...he passed away in the Syrian city of Homs, he sang even on his deathbed he had it going and to be frank he has always been the memory, the hard drive of the Palestine folklore an struggle.

Among Palestinian folksy artists he is a legend at home and in the diaspora. He may have never found peace as a Palestinian but now he rests in peace...

ابوعرب يا يما لو جاني العيد

فلسطين تودع شاعر ثورتها ابو عرب - تقرير هارون عمايرة


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