Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Go Buy The New Nancy Ajram Album No 8 So She Can Live In A Bigger Home!

Poor Nancy Ajram, she needs a new home, bigger cars, and more vacation time. So guys please pay-up for her so that she can have a better life than your own. Nancy, the wife of a low-key Lebanese dentist, and the mother of two little girls just released a new album. It's her 8th album, and she simply called it No 8! Who is counting anyways?

I like Nancy and the company that produced (marketed) the album, she always settles with platinum records. So make sure you get an original copy, never mind that most the Arab world is on fire, never mind, unemployment is higher than the summer temperature.

Aside from that, Nancy made a good album--she really has only made one album since she became a star and replicated the experience so very well.
 البوم #نانسي_عجرم # 8 حاليا بالأسواق | #Nancy Ajram # 8 Album

Nancy Ajram - Ma Tegi Hena - Official Video Clip فيديو كليب ما تيجي هنا لنانسي عجرم Nancy Ajram