Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Ne7na Bashar / زياد برجي - نحنا بشر @WalidMassih Cranks A Hot One For @ziadbourjiii

He is a playboy, one of the finest the Lebanese capital ever saw. And he is releasing a new single where he is singing the blues on the human race and the loveless life he is experiencing. We are only humans goes the song, and he is the composer behind this song about the sad state of the human race and the interactions one see on daily basis.

Ziad Bourji is also busy working on a song for the beloved Arab Idol Mohammed Assaf, who was on his studio for recording. This is not a love song by any definition, I like this style, but I find myself unable to enjoy it more than once in a while. The impressive thing is in the fact that Walid Al Massih has arranged the music.

Written by Ahmad Madi Composed and Sang by Zaid Bourji Arranged by Walid al Massih

Ziad Bourji - Ne7na Bashar / زياد برجي - نحنا بشر


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