Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Mohamed Fouad "Yamma" Perfect Mother Song! Happy Mothers Day, Mom / محمد فؤاد - ياما

You are the light of my eye opens this song. This is a song from man who knows how to make an amazing hit song, he is the guy who picks winners. He is Mohammed Fouad, the guy next door who can rock all night, but also you may spot him at your local mosque or grocery store where he would say hello.

Mohamed Fouad is an everyman's hero for everyday in Egypt. You cannot not fall in love with his warm voice, personal style, and grownup logic. This is a new single from the guy who makes a wonderful album once every three years, and then disappears. To see you smile, mom, it's worth all this life. The song's chorus is worth it and it colors the song, saves it form being dull or falt.

The music belong to the hit producer and composer Walid Saad, but the real talent is that for the writer whose name is Hany Abel Karim, mixing has the golden touches of Hany Mahrous. Well-done Fouash, you are a legend who has not done himself and to his music career damage. A lovable guy whose heart is in the right place. At this time, there are not many reasons to fall in love with Egypt, Fouad and his new song give me one hell of a reason to fall in love again with the motherland....

Mohamed Fouad - Yamma (Audio) / محمد فؤاد - ياما

Mohamed Fouad - Yamma (Audio) / محمد فؤاد - ياما


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