Monday, March 10, 2014

Listen: Nancy Ajram Ma Tegi Hena Full Song ما تيجي هنا النسخة الأصلية كاملة @NancyAjram

Most Arab countries have billboards, these billboards have been rented by team Nancy Ajram to drum up the buzz about her upcoming 8th album. So, now radios have one track from her soon to be released album, and it's a riot.

This is an Egyptian dancy track with so much energy, it may be explosive. This is a loud melody with a folksy Egyptian hints, "come here and let me love you boy" Nancy finds another hit, a song that will play over and over this upcoming summer. We might as well memorize it now, because it will be the life of the party at every wedding or engagement party for at least three years from now.

"Ma Tegi Hena" is a very Nancy Ajram song, the team behind it must have collected some find rewards. I like the catchy lyrics, Nancy always play the innocent yet spunky young woman whom you can own by saying all the sweet things.

Ma Tegi Hena Full Song ما تيجي هنا النسخة الأصلية كاملة


  1. Song is one of her worstl.This should not be her main hit.Arrangment and lyrics are not good at all.

  2. She still beautiful love you Nancy