Monday, March 17, 2014

The Amazing @hibatawaji In #Khalas Epic Proportion هبة طوجي - خلص

Sultry vocalist and pianist Hiba Tawaji developed her unique blend of jazz and traditional vocal pop with hints of bluesy country and contemporary folk due in large part to her unique upbringing. She returns in an amazing and beautifully shot music video. She is telling a love story in the overtime. A couple who is trying to squeeze in a last romance before they part away.

Hiba Tawaji never putting her vocal talents on the back burner, Tawaji worked toward earning education. The lure of the folk coffeehouses and jazz clubs proved too strong and she was soon inspired to write her own songs. Yet, she draw the attention of the Rahabni household who can spot a classy vocalist from a mile away.

Here was Hiba who has been taken under the wings of an internationally renowned musician placed her in the awkward position of defending her music from those who dismissed her as another pretty face and/or another riding the coattails of her musical royal heritage

In 2011, Tawaji released her highly anticipated debut album, La Bidaya Wala Nihaya pairing once again with Oussama Rahbani. Hiba released one first track of her upcoming album where she shares the musical kinship of two artists you’d throw into the same playlist, and even in this mono-genre world in which we listen, you’d be hard pressed to find a festival that would put them on the same stage performing back-to-back sets. So the fact that the most popular indie jazz/pop musician maybe ever. Khalas is an anomaly of epic proportions. Stir in the mix that her music of choice is a straight-up cover album of one of your grandpa’s favorite bands and you’ve got a lot of nonsense going on here.

In the case of the beautiful if slightly monotonous "Khalas" and the album will be a collection of songs reinterpreting of Fyrouz. This is done in a way that prove that nonsense can be the recipe for quasi-successful musical harmony. This is a concentrated dose of down-tempo despair that focuses on country standards gloomily hinged on poverty, heartbreak and even murder. Luckily, they gor a seasoned French talent to direct the music video, thank you Fabrice Begotti

Hiba Tawaji - Khalas (Official Videoclip 2014) / هبة طوجي - خلص


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