Sunday, March 16, 2014

"General Sisi's #Egypt Is A Scary Shit hole" Ahmed El Sakka Sings!

I think the only thing General Sisi has not done now is to take back the January 25th 2011 revolution. He has let the Mubrak off the hook, have arrested the leaders of that revolution--most of them are jail. The criminals are out of jail bullying law-abiding citizens.

The army is making heroes out of their own, the police who did most of the killing are the heroes--and the citizens can go fuck off. They are now using little kids to make their points, officers of the army and the police are the only worthy heroes, everyone else is out to get money. This is lame, but this is one song the current regime aired during one of their many official celebrations. The sad twist, a beloved Egyptian actor Ahmed Saqqa joins the crew and adds his voice to the song. He forgets that most of the deaths are sanctioned by the police in his glorious county' ministry of internal affairs.

To sum, if you get killed by the army or the police, you are a criminal, corrupt they are not, aggressive and murders they are not. Which is very untrue. Now, most of them are decent folks, but bad apples are shooting unarmed people around the squares of Egypt.

They have already done campaigns to apologize to Mubarak and his deep state allies, people like Ahmed Maher rot in jail, thousands are six feet under....but that's OK Sisi has a big dick--sorry, but this the world of his fans! God forbids, you are a journalist, God forbids, you have an anti-generals song, God forbids you have a different for your life.

أحمد السقا يشارك الطفل سيف مجدى فى كليب أغنيتة "أبن الشهيد"


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